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Our installation consists of 19 260w Solar World panels, for a total theoretical output of 4.94kw of solar-generated electricity. There are 10 east-facing panels, and 9 south-facing panels. This seems to be an ideal combination for generation: in the summer months, the panels produce quite a large margin more electricity than comparable south-only panels; in the winter the performance is somewhat less. But overall the output appears to be higher.

An interesting thing about solar panels is that as soon as the sun peeks over the horizon, they begin to generate, and don't stop until the sun sets. Even during rainy days there is a small amount of generation.

Our system was designed and installed by Solartek in Charlotte, NC (

Output from each panel goes to a corresponding Enphase M215 microinverter. All is grid-tied through an independent meter to interconnect with Union Power EMC. The utility compensates for the electricity generated to the grid, and NC GreenPower provides additional incentives for the green attributes (or RECs) for each kilowatt hour added to the grid.

Meredith  & Denise Davison
Jan 16
Meredith & Denise Davison

01.16.2014 Since going into service the afternoon of 6/25/2013, have today generated in excess of 3.25 Mwh of electricity to the grid.