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Reduce your environmental footprint while helping North Carolina schools educate their students!

With your donation, the NC GreenPower Solar Schools program will give each grant recipient a 3-5 kW solar PV system, a weather station, monitoring equipment, curriculum and classroom solar kits for the students, curriculum and training for the teachers, and ongoing support after the installation has been completed. We need help from donors like you to provide this complete educational package and enhance the learning experience for North Carolina students today and for years to come!

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About NC GreenPower:
With the mission of improving the quality of the environment in North Carolina, the nonprofit NC GreenPower was founded in 2003 as a statewide program. NC GreenPower helps to connect consumers with renewable energy and carbon offset providers to create positive environmental and economic impacts for our state. All projects supported by the program are located in North Carolina. In 2015, NC GreenPower launched a new pilot to support solar PV installations at K-12 schools. We need your help to continue our efforts to improve our home state and lay the groundwork for a cleaner, brighter future. Contributions to NC GreenPower are tax-deductible. For more information, visit:
NC GreenPower
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NC GreenPower

The NC GreenPower Board of Directors’ review committee met this spring to evaluate applications and make selections for the third year of the pilot. The five selected schools for 2017 are:

Alleghany High School, Sparta – Alleghany County
Helena Elementary School, Timberlake – Person County
Lake Lure Classical Academy, Lake Lure – Rutherford County
Perquimans County Middle School, Winfall – Perquimans County
Richmond Early College High School, Hamlet – Richmond County

Help our 2017 schools meet their goals and donate!

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Today is #GIVINGTUESDAY! Support our efforts and make a donation so we can provide more grant funding for Solar PV at schools across NC!

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