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Edgecombe Early College High School: SOLAR PANEL PROJECT

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Hi everyone! Edgecombe Early College is "GOING SOLAR" this year! We have been awarded a matching grant from NC GreenPower (non-profit) to install a 5 kw solar panel on our campus! This is an awesome learning opportunity for our scholars! We are very excited but need your help to raise the MATCHING FUNDS needed! Please donate to help support our cause! Anything will help: $1, $5, $10, $20, or more! Thank you, in advance! We're going to do this!

If you would prefer to make a donation via check, please make it payable to “NC GreenPower” and be sure to note our school in the “memo” section of the check. You can drop it by the school (Mrs. Wilkins), or you can mail it directly to NC GreenPower, Attn: Jenna Key, 909 Capability Drive, Suite 2100, Raleigh, NC 27606.

About NC GreenPower:
With the mission of improving the quality of the environment in North Carolina, the nonprofit NC GreenPower was founded in 2003 as a statewide program. NC GreenPower helps to connect consumers with renewable energy and carbon offset providers to create positive environmental and economic impacts for our state. All projects supported by the program are located in North Carolina. In 2015, NC GreenPower launched a new pilot to support solar PV installations at K-12 schools. We need your help to continue our efforts to improve our home state and lay the groundwork for a cleaner, brighter future. Contributions to NC GreenPower are tax-deductible. For more information, visit:
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Edgecombe Early College donated $1,580
Edgecombe Early College High School
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Edgecombe Early College High School

Great News! We received an $800 grant from Edgecombe-Martin Electric Utilities that will get us within a few hundred dollars of our fundraising goal! NC GreenPower has extended our deadline to December 14, so we are going to cruise across the fundraising finish line with the wind at our backs! We are so appreciative of our friends, family, community, and scholars who contributed to our fundraising campaign and look forward to showing off our new solar array when it's installed this spring! Thanks all!

Sep 25
Alexander Urquhart donated $50
6:15 PM
Anonymous EECHS Supporter donated $3,000
Edgecombe Early College High School
4:49 PM
Edgecombe Early College High School

August 16, 2018: Just met with Troy Lewis, the Town Manager for Tarboro. He's hugely supportive of our school going solar and is working with the town to establish commercial rates for the energy credits generated by our panels since we'll be the first "commercial" solar site inside the town limits. Thanks, Mr. Lewis!